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Investment Partnerships

DFA seeks partners for equity and social development investment in our funding programs. DFA provides a unique approach to social development that is sustainable and commercially viable, recognizing the need to mitigate risk and provide a return, partnering with a number of implementation partners to create the investment impact that resonates with the development agenda of the country. You can reach our Senior Partner to discuss potential ways you can be part of this developmental agenda.


  1. SME Export Fund – The fund supports the first private sector pre export order fund. The country while driving an agenda of export diversification has lacked the strategy to achieve the goal and this fund supports infrastructure, logistics and export execution driven by the SME sector. This is an equity investment fund.
  2. Agriculture Value Chain Ecosystem Financing – The program supports the bottom of the pyramid of the poorest of the poor to create household wealth that lifts masses out of abject poverty. The financing program supports the financing of the complete agriculture value chain ecosystem from small scale producers through the medium scale processors linked to small scale retailers. This program is designed to bring in a blended financing structure combining both concessional financing with grant support to the poorest of the poor. This is a social investment fund.
  3. Green Energy and Climate Change Financing - This financing structure will support the entrance of SME into the energy sector by providing both technical and financial support to be able to cluster their power generation and secure a single supply contract. The financing support will be driven by foundations working towards mitigating the effects of climate change and environmental sustainability. This is a blended finance of equity and social investment.
  4. Women Empowerment Fund  – DFA believes in advancing the growth and development of women in entrepreneurship and this fund is specific to women’s businesses. We work with partners under signed MOUs that are exclusively women focused.
  5. SME Development Fund – The development fund will be both commercial and equity finance and will mostly support growth companies that have transitioned from our incubation programs, have a minimum of a two year history showing growth, revenue stream and a collateral base. This will be supported by our strategic partners that include commercial banks.
  6. SME Guarantee Fund - Our Diamond Risk Spread Financing Model is premised on mitigating, spreading and hedging the inherent risk associated with financing the SMEs. The guarantee fund is the basis on which we secure the financing whilst creating strategies that mitigate and spread the business risk. The initial funds that we are seeking would be to secure the guarantee fund and leverage our partners for the financing component.


To discuss potential investment options and partnership please contact


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