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“DFA is a helping hand, providing turnkey SME Impact investment solutions through risk mitigation and innovative financing models. Our strategic focus is wealth creation at the bottom of the pyramid that is inclusive of women and the underserved rural population”


“We do not just know the SME challenge, We understand it”


Development Finance Associates (DFA) is a not for profit social enterprise fund manager that was established in May 2017 in the Republic of Zambia, representing the interests of the SME private sector in building practical financial solution platforms for enhanced access to finance.


DFA’s main objectives is  to create a long term sustainable platform for increased access to Finance for the youth, women and marginalized SMEs in an effort to alleviate poverty and improve the livelihoods of the local communities in creating household wealth.


Social Enterprise Fund Manager

Enterprises Skills Training

Consultancy and Advocacy

SME Business Incubation

SME financing Fund Management - providing a locally tailored investment risk management model for management of debt, equity and grants investment that is designed to create social impact and support long term financial inclusion for SMEs.


A unique structured business entrepreneurship and financial management training that addresses the real-world practical challenges to fully equip the entrepreneurs to face the challenge of the business world. The training is specifically designed and tailor focused to SMEs and SME trainers.

We offer and provide in-depth consultancy, research analysis and advocacy of fundamental social and economic development research in cross cutting areas of finance, social investment, economics, agriculture, trade, marketing, SME access to finance, financial inclusion and management.

Providing unique complete business incubation support from basic due diligence, through business model scaling to a viable funding ready business plan. The technical support would extend to BDS after funding. WE are building a pipeline of funding ready SMEs



We pride ourselves in the diverse experience and technical expertise of our team consisting of members from our strategic partners, our pool of consultants and a highly competent executive board that provides internal oversight. We believe beyond the executive management, governance is a key component to our success strategy. We continually strive to improve and strengthen the key governance instruments for oversight.



"A helping hand"

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